4 Mar
CRFD Offers New Scholarship for EMTs

A scholarship is currently being structured by Human Resources and Chief Knapp to encourage aspiring EMTs to join the CRFD. This scholarship will cover most or all of the EMT certification class put on by the district. The district is excited to increase engagement and competence in our community's emergency medical field.

1 Mar
Ravalli County Institutes New Burn Permit System

This burning season, a new system will be put in place to help ease calls on the Ravalli County 911 center. Every year, tens of thousands of calls are placed to the call center for controlled burns. The new system will be a venture which is inexpensive for burners, but will allow fire departments and the 911 center to very easily monitor all burns happening around the county. This decision was unanimously supported by county fire chiefs, who are excited for this drastic improvement to public safety.

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