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If you're planning on burning this season, getting your permit is simple.

Please take our community survey!

Click the picture to begin the survey or read below for more about it.
The Corvallis Rural Fire District is engaged in a process of listening, learning, and planning for the future. We are inviting all members of our community to help shape that future with us. As an all-volunteer department, we depend on our community to work with us in every way possible and that includes making sure we are listening well. Please give us your honest opinions of what we do well and where we can improve, and then look for the publication of our new strategic plan later this spring. The survey is designed to be anonymous: It does not ask for names and the data will be collected by a research company that will compile the results for us.
Please click the picture to begin the survey. We look forward to hearing from you!
-Jim Knapp, Fire Chief

If you're a member, you can access your e-mail here.